The Land of Chew and Swallow
Heart of America Council
Personnel: 5 Cub Scouts and narrator
Equipment: Plates and silver, big bread slice, a big bandage
(Enter two boys carrying plates and silver)
Narrator: Over the mountains and across the stars in a far
hidden corner of the world lies the land of Chew and
Swallow. It's a very special land, which you will soon see.
Cub 1: What do think we’ll have for supper tonight?
Cub 2: I don’t know but I hope we don’t have a spaghetti
storm again. It leaves the trees a mess.
Narrator: You see in this land all the food comes with the
weather or the weather is the food. It rains milk and juice
and they have bread storms and drumstick cloud bursts.
Everything was fine until one day the weather started to go
(Enter two boys holding their noses and one with a
bandaged head)
Cub 3: Watch out it’s a big bread blow in. (Big bread slice
falls in)
Narrator: The storm continued. Instead of normal size
food the meat balls were as big as bowling balls and the
bread a size never seen before. Roofs were crushed and
people were getting hurt. Something had to be done.
Cub 4: What will we do? (Head bandaged)
Cub 2: I’ve heard of a land over the sea where people have
to grow and cook their food.
Cub 3: We can’t stay here. My house is buried
under a pizza.
Cub 4: The smell is getting bad and people are getting hurt.
Cub 5: Let’s use the stale bread to make boats and find this
new place to live.
Narrator: So the work began on the bread boats to take
them to the new land. (All boys working on boats and set
sail. Boats land and people welcome new friends)
Narrator: Now starts the fun of getting your own food
ready and learning new skills. (Boys learning to cook at
Cub 1: Life was easy before but I like knowing what I’m
going to eat at each meal and not have to wait for the

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