Eskimo Pie
Heart of America Council
Personnel: 6 Cub Scouts around a table.
Equipment: Ping pong ball, sponge, white golf tees, pan
with ice cream bars in the bottom.
Cub 1: Isn’t it great our leader is letting us make a pie for
our den meeting treat?
Cub 2: Sure is. I don’t know what kind of pie it is, but here
are the directions.
Cub 3: Let’s see, first you put in these walrus eyes.
Cub 4: Walrus eyes? Are you sure?
Cub 3: Says so right here. (Puts ping pong balls in pan)
Cub 5: OK, next put in a pound of blubber.
Cub 4: A pound of blubber? Are you sure?
Cub 5: That’s what it says in the recipe. (puts in white
Cub 6: The next thing is to add are two dozen polar bear
Cub 4: I don’t believe that. Why would you put teeth in a
Cub 3: Hey, you have to have teeth to eat a pie!
Cub 6: Here go the teeth. (Puts in golf tees)
Cub 1: Now we let it freeze for one hour. (Put lid on pan)
Cub 2: (holds up sign that says “one hour later”)
Cub 1: Let’s see what we’ve got. (Uncovers pot)
All: (Look into pan and exclaim) Eskimo pies! (Pulls out ice
cream bars, open and eat)

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